Berkshire Group

Berkshire Group

Berkshire Group

Address: 1220 Sheppard Ave. E., Suite 406,
North York, ON, M2K 2S5, Canada
Phone: (416) 495-1286 ext 233 or 1-800-837-3045
Fax: (416) 495-0959
Since 1986, clients of the Berkshire group of companies have entrusted us with the creation, maintenance, protection and distribution of wealth.
Berkshire Investment Group Inc., together with Berkshire Securities Inc. and Berkshire Insurance Services Inc.

(“Berkshire”) are a privately held group of companies, with a Head Office in Burlington, Ontario.

The Berkshire group of companies services over 1100 Berkshire Advisors with assets under administration over $11 billion, and offices in all provinces across Canada.
At Berkshire, we take tremendous pride in the things that set us apart from other organizations.

We firmly believe in always acting in the best interest of the client, and accordingly, we believe that we must always exercise our independent judgment and not be swayed by current trends.

Everything we do must be focused on creating wealth for our clients.

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